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Flight Rising Legacy Project

I am part of a dragon sim site called Flight Rising which allows you to breed dragons. The artwork for the site is done by the extremely talented Jessica "Neondragon" Peffer. Know for her DragonArt How to draw books.

A thread was started on the forums, and I believe it was also posted on a tumblr page for a Legacy Project. The idea was brought about by the Legacy challenges in the Sims. It is a breeding challenge to take an ungened starter dragon and try to breed an attractive triple-gened dragon in 10 generations.

There are rules for this challenge and I will post them under a LJ cut after I introduce the babies.

Meet Oceanus

He is the result of hatching an egg that was found while my dragons were scavenging. He is a first generation Arcane dragon, a breed know as a Tundra, elements are denoted by the color of the dragons eyes. One part of the challenge is that you have to find mates for each generation that match the your starter dragon.

Here is the lovely lady that I have found for him, Marina.

She is a guardian dragon, she has two special genes that I am hoping at least one will pass down to the offspring. Her special genetics are shimmer on her wings and the Crackle, which is her tertiary gene.

Score = 0

Legacy Project GuidelinesCollapse )

Knitting and stuff...

Well things have been progressing slowly on the knitting front. Larry and his friend Blip are still in progress. I'm down to working on limbs for them. Once their body design is finalized I have more pattern writing to do for them. I have to admit though I haven't knitted much since last week wednesday. I re-arranged my bedroom and it kind of kicked me to the curb along with working my normal job. I do plan on working on them again starting today. I would like to have them finalized soon. That way I can work on pattern writing for the rest of what goes along with them.

I have joined a swap on ravelry and I am slowly gathering things up for my spoilee. I have bought the first item for the swap already and I will be taking a class at Threadbender on Monday that will allow me to make a few thing for my spoilee. I get to learn magic loop I'm kind of excited and afraid at the same time. I also need to figure out what I am going to do for other parts of the swap. Whether or not I want to dye yarn myself for my spoilee or buy something for my spoilee. I have found a small pattern I want to try as well.

So needless to say work on Larry and Blip may slow down here until late February when I am done with the swap. I do want to try to squeeze some time to work on them and possibly the blanket and the jacket I have started. Maybe I'll work on the jacket tonight while doing some research on some other patterns I want to use for the swap.

Things to do

Here are a few things I'm going to try to do between this week and next.

~Update Plushling Antics.
~Create the Facebook page for Luke the Traveling Whale...I wonder if I should do a blog too? I'm up for suggestions.
~Write...stupid fanfic.... it hijacked my brain I swear!

Hmmm if there is anything else I guess I will just edit this entry...


This was a nice surprise at the end of a long day at work! A package arrived from pl2363 with the absolutely adorable Nellie the Narwhal. Yes she has a name already! So excited and apparently so is little Jazz.

Pics may be forth coming once I take more not with my phone :D

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Avengers and misshaps

Went and saw the Avengers today which was absolutely amazing. I give it to huge thumbs up and definitely want to go see it again. That is all I plan on saying about it for now since well...spoilers.

On the not so awesome note my roomie fuzziekit sprain her ankle at the theater about an hour to an hour and a half into the movie due to having to run to the restroom and folded her ankle over going down the steps. Now she has a huge goose egg between the size of a tangerine and a baseball. Did a quick run to the local grocery store for some ice packs and ice cream to make the night go a little better.

So the sum up. Great movie, bad bad stairs they bite in the dark.

New phone

I have joined the smart phone revolution! So excited I know it is going to be dangerous but I don't care! It will take some getting used to. I will have to turn off my old phone since it keeps going off when I get texts. While it is funny it is also a bit obnoxious. So happy day, new phone yay!

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It's been a transformers day..

I must say it has been a transformers day! Percy and Thundercracker arrived today. I got a good laugh at the way that TC was packaged since well he was partially transformed to fit in the zip lock bag he was in since he was loose. Now I just need a Skywarp and a Starscream...which were released well before I started collecting...for my seekers collection. I find part of Perceptor's transformation to just be...odd. He'll make a trip with me over to another transformers fan's house because I'm not quite sure he is transformed correctly...Ah well.

Found the new wave of bot shots due the curiosity of my roomie fuzziekit So I picked up everyone...including dare I say it the Chaser Bumblebee...why Hasbro WHY?! Why must you make Bumblebee to this day have the most toy variants EVER since his release in 1985. I understand keeping with tradition but seriously this is RIDICULOUS. I got him because he completes my set and well Bot Shots are just to adorably cute!

All and all the day was a good one despite my nap full of FAIL. Have to be up early for work again but I have a day off here soon yay. CRAFTING DAY!

Ooo manga...

Wow for the first time in quite some time I actually bought Manga! But it was all used and from a series that I absolutely adore. The series would be one that I would have to order or scour amazon for. I can't complain at $5 a volume.

The series Pet Shop of Horrors: Tokyo. I grabbed the first volume years ago when it initially came out and never managed to pick up the rest for many reasons. Now I can say I believe I have the complete series. My only regret is that ADV (when it was still ADV) never produced more then four episodes of the manga as an anime series. I seriously wanted more, there were so many stories that they could have told but I am sure they didn't do it because they figured it would be too repetitive. Ahh well guess I will just have to indulge with reading and watching what little they turned into a series.

Oh the fact that the manga was not what I was actually looking for made it a surprise purchase. Ahh well win some loose some, the quest still goes on.

I've got mail!... Well a package

Got one of my two shipments from Amazon today this one containing a heat sink pad for my laptop so we'll see how that goes. Suppose to help to prevent overheating so we'll see. I wanted something a little more green then a plug in USB fan to help try to keep my laptop cool. I must say this thing is super slim and very contemporary looking to fit my fat laptop that I affectionately call the "Beast" because of it's 17.3" screen...that makes it nearly impossible to find a bag to carry it in. I really just need to bite the bullet and get an actual bag designed for laptops.

This shipment also contained my Reveal the Shield: Special Ops Jazz, which will be nice to have around for multiple reasons. One I didn't have anything resembling Classic Jazz in my collection. Two he will be a reference for other... things I am working on. The craziness. Maybe I need to take a picture of him with Plushbot Jazz.

On another note today went surprisingly well at work despite the large amount of things that had to be done. It was kinda crazy. SO many muffins! I thought one of my co workers was gonna have a coronary over it! But we all just laughed it off and my co worker that was wrapping product was super speed wrapper. The other baker that was helping me asked her jokingly what she was on to be wrapping so fast.

Cleaning Day

Well haven't gotten as much crafting done today as I would have liked, but I got a lot of cleaning done in the basement of doom. It looks a lot better between the roomie and I, I believe we organized almost half of the basement and will have three bags of garbage to haul out of there.

Working on a few test knits for my little secret project. Might be able to get it done tonight maybe not. Depends on how dedicated I am. I have other odds and ends crafts started as well that I hope to work on later this week. Maybe Wednesday because I get out early.

Other the that not much really going on today. On my last day off of my three day weekend.

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